Frequently Asked Questions

What policies and procedures do you write?

Just check our policy list!

Please note this is not an exhaustive list and we urge you to contact us with your specific requirements.

How long will you take to write or review our documents?

We will give you estimates at the time of quotation – however depending on the backlog a good rule of thumb is 5 x medium size custom policies is around 10 days from ordering. Please talk to us about your deadlines and we can agree delivery dates.

I've a got a lot of policies to update, how does this work?

If you have a large number of policies that need reviewing and partially updating, we will ask for a sample of 5 -10 of the documents to assess and judge the quality and age in order to produce your quote.

I've got just one policy to write - is it worth contacting you?

Yes! The majority of our work is in bulk, however, we do of course produce one-off policies. Please contact us for a quote. One-off policy writing starts at £25 and can be turned around rapidly.

I'm setting a new business and don't know what I need - can you help?

Yes! Contact us and we will give you a list of common policies and procedures for your industry type. If we estimate the work will take more than 1 hour, we will charge you £40 per hour for consultation. This complexity is common in industries such as finance, manufacturing and import/export.

I've been given a large policy requirements document from a regulatory body - can you help?

Yes! If you have policy and procedure requirements given to you by a regulatory body, we can help you elicit what documentation they need providing. 

This falls under our consultancy services and is charged at £40 per hour. 

If you need us to complete the work after this analysis, then we can look at a discount.

I've got a request that's not covered on the website - is it worth contacting you?

Business documentation is a complex area, with different organisations having varying needs even if in the same industry. 

Please contact us with your unique requirements and we will let you know if we can assist.

Will our documents be branded?

Yes! We will brand your policies with your company logo and details. We will request this information or a template sample before work commences.

How do payments work?

For orders over £200 we ask for a 50% deposit on agreement of the work and schedule. The second payment is due on delivery of your documents. We prefer payment by bank transfer, however we also accept all major credit cards through our processor SumUp.

Please note there is a 2.5% fee for using the card processor.

Do you write policies for outside of the UK?

At this time we are only writing policies for UK based organisations, however, this may change in the future.

We can write Brexit policies and statements if your company is based primarily in the UK.

Please contact us with specific questions on this subject and we will investigate any potential opportunities.

Can you write our Terms and Conditions?

No sorry, we do not offer legal services and do not write Contracts or Terms and Conditions.

Are your policies from templates?

No! All our content is our own IP. Please refer to our article Why Bespoke Policies beat Generic Bundles.

Do you visit our business?

This is not required for 99% of our clients. We can do an onsite visit and workshop as well as provide consultancy if you are ordering our Business Analysis services, but this is not required for document writing and reviewing unless there are exceptional requirements.

Can I share the policies with another company in our group?

No sorry, you cannot copy and paste our policies for another company as this undermines our work and infringes our terms.

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